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  1. The Car Talk homepage - Home page for the NPR radio show featuring "Click and Clack." Lots of good info and links, plus a RealAudio version of the show.
  2. Gasoline FAQ -- More than you ever wanted to know about gasoline.
  3. Automotive lighting information including headlamp upgrades.
  4. How to read those cryptic tire sidewall markings.
  5. Auto Insurance Madness - How to negotiate an auto insurance claim and get what your car is really worth.
  6. Thoughts about driving on gravel roads.


  1. I put a Yakima rack on my '94 Civic. Details and pictures.
  2. Some tips on doing a timing belt replacement -- for a 1990 Honda Civic, but much of the information will apply to other models in a general way.

VW - General Interest:

  1. The Bus Depot - Parts for all VW vans, and most other VW models. Decent prices, and I've had good experiences dealing with these guys.
  2. Van-Again - Another good parts vendor specializing in VW vans.
  3. LiMBO - The Late Model Bus Organization, International.

VW - Aircooled:

  1. type2.com - Home of the Type2 mailing list, this site has subscription info, as well as links to a lot of helpful information.
  2. VintageBus.Com - A site devoted to VW buses through 1967 -- in other words, the old split-window style.
  3. The BugShop - "An information based website for anyone restoring, maintaining, modifying, repairing, or just plain messing with aircooled VWs."
  4. The Air-Cooled Volkswagen Junkyard -- Where Advice Is Always Free.
  5. The Performance Parts Warehouse sells Weber carburators, conversion kits, and parts.
  6. West Coast Metric has a lot of restoration parts for all aircooled Volkswagens. They have a very nice catalog available on request, but are sometimes a bit pricey. Be sure to check out their nifty tee shirts.

VW - Watercooled:

  1. vanagon.com -- Good Vanagon and Eurovan information and links. Home of the Vanagon Email list.
  2. Volkswagen Westfalia Diesel info.
  3. DieselGeek -- Performance parts for VW diesels. (Yes, I just used "performance" and "diesel" in the same breath.)
  4. VW Diesel Parts & Free Tech Help -- ugly website, but good prices on VW diesel parts ad hard-to-find speciality tools.
  5. VW Diesel glow plug system information.
  6. Really nifty info on adding a tachometer to a VW diesel engine, including a kit to adapt a gasoline engine tach.
  7. John Dolsen has made some interesting modifications to his Vanagon for all-season camping.
  8. How to fix Vanagon saggy butt syndrome.
  9. VW Cabriolet FAQ - Lots of good information about A1-chassis Cabriolets and Rabbit Convertibles.
  10. Topless Rabbit Forum -- Internet forum for VW Cabriolet owners.
  11. MissingLinkz Shift Kits for A1, A2, and A3 chassis VWs. These well-made linkage kits greatly improve shifting feel, ease adjustability, and optionally shorten the throw.


  1. Swedish Bricks - An email list for Volvo owners.
  2. VLVworld.com (Formerly VolvoWorld.com, before Volvo came after their domain name.) - Great source for used parts, especially interior bits and pieces.
  3. Volvo Parts Direct - A good discount parts dealer.
  4. IPD - Another parts vendor. They tend to be expensive, but have some specialty and performance parts that aren't available elsewhere.
  5. FCP Groton - Another good, inexpensive parts vendor.
  6. How to install quad round lights on '86 and up Volvo 240s.
  7. How to disassemble Volvo high security locks, used from 1988 and up on the 760 and 780, 1991 and up on the 900 series, and 1992 and up on o the 850GLT. (This is probably not a complete list.) 805K PDF file.
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