> Some friends and I once performed an experiment at a party.  We filled
> the bathroom sink with water and added a few bits of paper to show any
> motion of the water.  We let the water sit for an hour or so, to let
> any currents die out, and then opened the drain.  It drained straight
> down with no swirling.  (Yes, it was a fun party; why do you ask?)

Sounds like you go to the same kind of parties I do.   The last really
good party I attended, the hostess had arranged for us to see a preview
copy of a movie we'd all contributed material to, but her VCR/projector
was very crudely aligned.   So the bunch of us tore it down, matched the
adjustments, and did a *proper* convergence on it before we watched the
video tape.  There was a moment of acute panic on the part of the
hostess when she came back down to the screening room to see how we were
getting along, and found twenty kilobucks' worth of Home Theater System
spread all over the floor in pieces.

  Hostess' Husband:  "I *TOLD* you not to leave any tools out, with
		      this bunch in the house!"

  Hostess:           "I didn't!   They all had Swiss Army Knives and
		      Little Screwdrivers!"

  Hostess' Husband:  "God, look at this mess.   Can't they just drink
		      and bust things, like normal party guests?"

... The front-projection unit was at better-than-factory alignment when
we were done with it.  It really was the best sixty-inch projection TV
display I'd ever seen, after it was properly degaussed, compensated, and
converged.  (And our movie looked great, thank you very much.) However,
at the next party at that house, the butler requested that we check
"weapons and tools" at the door.   (We ignored him.)